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Transitional Housing for the Homeless

Hand Up Housing of Arkansas is a nonprofit organization focused on meeting the urban need for housing for the homeless and less fortunate of the
Greater Little Rock area in Arkansas

We are a Christian ministry reaching out to persons seeking to grow beyond homelessness, addiction, prostitution, chronic unemployment and/or coping with under-employment issues. 

We network with existing organizations and ministries in our area to help fulfill each participant's indivualized action plan.

We need YOUR HELP to make it happen!


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We use the Partnership for Progress Assessment and Growth tool

Action Plan

Action Plan

Each resident sets goals: spiritual, life issues, employment, finances, education and other goals.

Our Houses

Since 2011, we have served almost 100 residents.  We currently own and maintain the following houses in the Little Rock area. 

  • House #1 - currently for men.  Two bedroom, one bathroom, fully furnished.
  • House #2 - ladies house.  Three bedrooms, fully furnished.
  • House #3 - for a family.  Four bedrooms, unfurnished
  • House #4 - two bedrooms, one bath, fully furnished.  Remodeled in 2016.
  • House #5 - ready for total renovation
  • House #6 - ready for total renovation
  • House # 7 - fully furnished
  • House #8 - three bedroom, currently for men.  Fully furnished. Plans: slight remodeling then use for one man and for clients, Project Restart purposes.

We need donors like you to help so we can do appropriate remodeling/renovation as well as add other properties.


"And Jesus grew in wisdom and in stature, and in favor with God and man." Luke 2:52

HopeWorks of Arkansas

hopeworks siteWe also utilize a program called HopeWorks of Arkansas that provides free personal and career development classes.  We focus on Spiritual health, Economic health and Social health.  Check out our website at ARhopeworks.org.

River City Church

Rivercitychurch logoHand Up Housing is under the umbrella of River City Church. Our office is in the church building. We work symbiotically together with River City Church.
Visit their website